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We are a team with expertise and> 100 years of practical experience

Many years of experience enable the ac4.0 team to quickly and easily find their way into new business models, processes and organizations.

From the basic structure, the different business models and industries are more similar to one believes. It is about the goal, the way, the customer use and the competition. Financial planning is based on a quantity and a price gimmick, which is about finding the essential sales and cost drivers and bringing them into mutual dependencies.

Ac4.0 can access a worldwide contact network. With creativity and the ability to think differently, aC4.0 demonstrates revolutionary ideas from which your company can benefit from your competitions.

We are results-oriented and implementation-oriented

We say and show you not only how it goes but we deal with you directly together.

For this reason, we also offer the test workshop at discounted rates. As a customer, you have the opportunity to get to know our team and approach and to make your judgment. By offering a refund of 30% of the price even with very low risk.

On the other hand, we also have the opportunity to determine in this test workshop whether you are the right customer for our service portfolio and, above all, our approach.

We are not theoretical dry swimmers

Do you know the joke about business consultants?They write books and instructions about the 99 best sexpractics however have never been with a woman in bed. To stay in this picture, we have already flirted with hundreds of women, many of them seduced and stirred.

All the methods, procedures and systems that comprise our service portfolio have been implemented and implemented in numerous companies and are successfully implemented by the respective employees.

We also had to work frequently into new processes, processes and systems, so that we are not afraid of new things but see it as a challenge with childish enthusiasm and curiosity.


In conclusion , we can only say that we are doing our work with passion, fun and great commitment. Our aim is to light you with this enthusiasm, so that your organization and employees burn for the project and its implementation.

Courage Commitment | Objective and sales orientation are guaranties for your and thus also our success.

We will certainly not surprise you, despite the great promises.
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